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School of Personnel Assessment and Development. 2 module

The Assessment Center is currently the most reliable method for assessing the potential of candidates and employees. It is used when hiring employees, allocating a personnel reserve, and identifying compliance with the level of development with the necessary competencies.


  • Transfer of evaluation center simulation technology
  • Practicing the skills of observation, setting and agreeing on final grades, generating final reports

Each participant of the training will be able to play in three roles: a developer, an observer and a participant in the Assessment Center. Each type of task in the Grade Center is played and analyzed at least two times.

Participants learn to independently develop individual tasks of the Assessment Center and describe behavioral indicators by levels for each task.

The training uses video analysis and informative feedback to help participants improve their personal and professional competence.

The format for evaluating the effectiveness of training in the second module: doing homework on the development of the Assessment Center Guidelines.

As a result, you:

  • Get to know the Assessment Center standards
  • Gain an understanding of the basic principles of organization of the Assessment Center in the company.
  • Master the main tools of the Assessment Center: business games, role-playing games, presentations, business cases, discussions, test methods.
  • Gain skills in developing the Assessment Center, adapting assessment tools to the task and the Company.
  • You will train the skills of observation, analysis of the obtained results and setting an integral assessment.
  • Develop competency-based interviewing skills.
  • Learn how to generate a final report, draw conclusions, build and justify personnel forecasts.

Training program

  1. Assessment Center Technology

  • goals and objectives of the Assessment Center;
  • features, possibilities and limitations of the use of technology;
  • resources needed to organize and conduct the Assessment Center;
  • German, American and Russian schools of the Assessment Center;
  • structure and stages of the Assessment Center;
  • formation of an expert commission, action plan;
  • informing the participants of the Assessment Center, memorandum;
  • "three pillars" of the Assessment Center;
  • principles and rules of observation during the Assessment Center;
  • analysis of typical mistakes;
  • principles of analysis of the received information;
  • grading scale and principles for scoring an exercise;
  • familiarization with the international standards of the Assessment Center.
  1. Assessment tools

  • cases: working and projective, individual and group,
  • clarification interview;
  • types of discussion and business games;
  • types of presentations;
  • role-playing games;
  • technology for conducting the Assessment Center in the form of a business game;
  • protocols, analysis forms for exercises;
  • assessment of the validity and reliability of the assessment center tools.
  1. Competency interview

  • types of interviews, distinctive features of interviews by competencies;
  • chains of questions according to the STAR method, indicators of answers;
  • principles for developing competency-based interviews;
  • methods for identifying explicit and hidden motives of the assessment participant;
  • BBB model for identifying leadership potential;
  • stages of conducting a structured interview;
  • establishing contact with different types of interlocutors;
  • active and empathic listening during the interview;
  • signs of a lie;
  • closed and clarifying questions as a method of a provocative interview;
  • how to properly complete an interview on competencies;
  • principles of giving final grades.
  1. Scenario Formation Technology for Evaluation

  • methods and principles of exercise modeling in the Assessment Center;
  • technology for adapting assessment tools;
  • technology for developing individual tasks of the Assessment Center;
  • technology of time accounting and formation of the scenario of the Assessment Center.
  1. Data analysis

  • rules for working with protocols;
  • principles of filling in the final matrix of the Assessment Center;
  • qualitative and quantitative assessment indicators;
  • technology for setting and coordinating integral assessments;
  • analytical report forms.

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Included in cost:

  • Methodological materials for the training in paper and electronic form;
  • An example of the Assessment Center Guidelines for the formation of a personnel reserve;
  • Sample Assessment Center Guide for Sales Managers;
  • coffee breaks;
  • Individual consulting on the development and implementation of assessment, certification in the Company;
  • Professional Development Certificate

The program of the entire course of the School of Personnel Assessment and Development

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