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    Psychological consulting
    The field of consulting psychology has blossomed in recent years. This covers the application of psychology in consultation with organizations and systems as well as individuals and teams. However, very few graduate programs focus on this area of ​​specialization, so consulting Psychological roles are mostly filled by those who come from training in other areas of psychology, including Industrial, Organizational (I-O), Clinical/Counseling and School Psychology. But such training is rarely focused on counseling and psychology, and graduate students must learn on the job by reading books and articles, attending conferences and seminars, and trained in core competencies in the field as they seek to transition into it.

    Describing the specific basic skills required to practice in a given area of ​​specialization - The goal is to identify the core competencies required for counseling psychologists and then work with qualified writers to create short, accessible, but evidence-based data.

    What constitutes fundamental skills in counseling psychology? AT

    The educational guidelines created by the Society of Counseling Psychologists provide useful starting points. Both of these contributions were organized around the concept of levels (individual, group and organizational) as a taxonomy for identifying core skills. Within these categories, two broad sets of skills are needed: assessment and intervention.

    As with many areas of psychological practice, basic skills that apply in one area may overlap others in a taxonomy. Interventions with individuals, such as in executive coaching, usually in the context of the main client's work with a specific team and within a specific organization, which may also be a client. Understanding system-wide issues and dynamics at the organizational level usually also involves working with specific leaders and teams. Both multicultural and international issues span all of our roles as consultant psychologists.


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