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    Assessment of the physical and physiological state of employees /

    A service that operates on the principles of SaaS and analyzes the physical and psychological state of a person by recording and analyzing a video with a tested employee or visitor to an institution. The task of the system is to form recommendations to the employer on the admission or non-admission of the employee to the performance of labor functions. The system provides the ability to determine abnormal behavior and reactions, as well as signs of alcohol and drug intoxication, as well as signs indicating the presence of respiratory diseases (cough, impaired respiratory and lung function). The system does not replace a human doctor, but is capable of mass and operational testing of personnel. The system operates on the basis of several expert systems, as well as a self-learning neural network capable of forming profiles of controlled workers, taking into account previously recorded deviations in behavior.

    Human detection and tracking is one of the important areas of research that has received a lot of attention in the last few years. Although people detection and counting systems are commercially available today, further research is needed to address the issues associated with the scenarios. An automated video surveillance or anomaly detection system is designed to observe people in a busy environment, resulting in a description of their actions and interactions. This requires people to be detected and tracked in order to secure, protect, and manage the site. Object detection is one of the basic steps in anomaly detection or automated video surveillance. The detection of objects from a video sequence is mainly performed by the background subtraction method. This is a widely used approach for detecting moving objects from static cameras. As the name implies, background subtraction is the process of separating foreground objects from the background in a sequence of video frames. The main purpose of anomaly detection here is to detect and track a moving object using a single recorded video image. The video is recorded and fixed in the database; the background subtraction algorithm is used to segment the moving object in the video. If a person is detected, tracking lines are formed around the person and the object is tracked. The main goal is to develop an anomaly detection system in a real-time security system.


    Robocontract LLC (TIN: 7728848575) is engaged in innovative methods for building effective teams, including through the use of methods for testing the psychological compatibility of team members and employees. 

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