Conducting opinion polls through online video interviews of respondents

    Conducting opinion polls through online video interviews of respondents

    Our surveys will help you with:
    - Customer satisfaction
    - Studying the needs of their customers
    - Attracting customers through social networks
    - Understanding what is right and what is wrong
    Market research
    - Collection of quantifiable data
    - Targeting your audience effortlessly
    - Use in the office or at home
    - Selection of potential candidates
    - Employee performance appraisals
    - Collect team feedback
    Enrich your classes
    Monitor student progress
    Start a conversation between student and teacher
    Manage RSVP Easily
    Determine the needs of the guest or client
    Promote events with online polls
    Plan your group classes
    Find out more about others
    Stay connected and have fun

    We Help Thousands of Businesses Make Better Decisions
    “I was looking for online survey software to get customer feedback on my website and mobile app. After trying several applications, I found that the proposed solution is a powerful tool for conducting surveys, while remaining easy to use. Customer service was great and they responded quickly and accurately."

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    Robocontract LLC (TIN: 7728848575) is engaged in innovative methods for building effective teams, including through the use of methods for testing the psychological compatibility of team members and employees. 

    Robocontract LLC is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center

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