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As a manager or director, you know how to get your team to get the job done. But in the last couple of years, it hasn't been easy. Hybrid work models and Zoom fatigue make it difficult to lead a team. We're talking about how "playing Jenga during an earthquake" is pretty hard.

Quite often, you fall into the trap of focusing too much on tasks rather than building a team. We'll get it. You have deadlines to meet and clients to reach. Performance can take precedence over people. But in order to perform well, people ultimately need a blueprint for how their unique personality type can best function. Because when you think about it, the people on your team need individual support if they want to stay productive and involved in the group environment.

Things get even more complicated when your team is scattered across multiple locations and time zones. Add to this different levels of experience or personality types, and trying to provide individualized support to team members can be challenging.

Strong teams start with strong people
People who are aware of their strengths are more engaged and perform better. In turn, a higher level of involvement means:

17% more performance
41% less absenteeism
21% higher profitability
24% lower employee turnover (in organizations with high employee turnover)
So how do you offer one-to-one support and build a engaged, productive team when there are thousands of things on your to-do list? You are calling the professionals.

By the end of the experience, this is what the team will achieve:

Improved team communication
Reinforced corporate culture based on strengths and values
Improved tools and ideas for individual or team development
A more dynamic way for leaders to lead by example and discuss differences
A new intuitive framework to help employees stay motivated, manage stress and make decisions.

Personnel assessment is a systematic process of identifying the competencies and characteristics of employees and their suitability for the position, which is aimed at improving the efficiency of personnel performance.

The training and consulting company "Robocontract" has been operating in the Russian market since 2003 and is one of the leaders in the field of assessing the personnel composition of companies in Moscow and Russia, training in methods for assessing HR specialists, developing and conducting personnel training programs in companies.

Among our services 

development of a system of professional competencies for the selection and development of personnel;

development of a system of corporate competencies; observer training;

assessment of personnel, their competence and potential using the Assessment Center technology

climate research in the team and the effectiveness of the activities of managers using the assessment of "360 degrees"

certification of personnel of enterprises

Personnel assessment methods that we use

  • Assessment Center

    Development of the Assessment Center for your organization,
    individual centers for leaders.

  • 360 degree evaluation

    Staff diagnostics, feedback collection methodology, 360° evaluation of any number of participants.

  • Testing

    TTI testing (DISC&Motvators, Trimetrix, etc.)

    Testing by various methods (Belbin, Amthauer, etc.)

  • Development Center

         Development and implementation of the Personnel Development Center in the Company

Conducting personnel assessment in Moscow and Russia

Each leader is interested in the effective work of the company and each employee individually. To make the right management decisions, the manager needs to understand the capabilities and potential of his employees. When personnel assessment is carried out comprehensively, it brings the greatest result for the company.

Personnel assessment is applied:

  • 1. Recruitment - assessment is needed to select the most competent employees
    2. Training of staff - an assessment is needed to identify the need for training and specific areas of training
    3. Talent pool - an assessment is necessary to understand the suitability of employees for a future position
    4. KPI - determination of indicators by which personnel will be assessed
    5. Personnel development - an assessment is necessary to identify employee growth areas
    6. Personnel planning - in this case, the assessment determines the company's need for staff
    7. Assessment of staff loyalty and satisfaction - reveals the climate in the team

Most often, personnel assessment is carried out in two areas: competency assessment and performance assessment.

Personnel assessment is a time-consuming process and requires special training. The assessor needs to be proficient in assessment tools, to understand in which cases various tools will show greater validity.

How is the process of personnel assessment 

Definition of goals and objectives

  • Project preparation

    Competency model preparation
    Development of evaluation tasks

  • Conducting an assessment

    Evaluation of participants according to the method you choose

  • Project Completion

Our company evaluates various categories of employees. We have many modern assessment tools in our arsenal. We also provide staff appraisal training.

What they say about us:

Andrey Potemin, Deputy gene. HR director at Lukoil

I express my gratitude for the qualified and professional training of our employees. Repeated assistance in training and evaluation of personnel has been giving successful results in work for several years. In addition, thanks to new technologies and your expert approach, the HR department always introduces trends and innovations in its activities.

Polina Akulova, HR Director, CorpusGroup

CorpusGroup Company thanks LLC "Robocontract" for successful cooperation in 2017-2018, expressed in:

-organization and holding of the Center for evaluation of the heads of the company's branches;

-organization and conduction of the Center for evaluation of senior managers;

- organization of psychometric testing of company executives, as well as candidates for the position of executives;

-conducting a series of trainings and facilitation/strategy sessions with the participation of company executives;

-organization of individual executive coaching and consulting at the request of company executives.

We express our appreciation for the professional approach, attentiveness and flexibility in taking into account our needs during the events, the effectiveness of the events and the satisfaction of the participants.

We look forward to fruitful cooperation in the future.

Natalya Khanina, Head of the HR department of FSUE Microgen

FSUE "NPO Microgen" recommends the company "Robocontract" LLC as a professional and reliable partner in the field of training, assessment and development of personnel. The services were performed by qualified consultants of the company. We express our gratitude to the entire team of LLC "Robocontract" for the quality and efficiency of the work done.

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Order a staff assessment

Whether you're new to the HR position or have been with the company for a long time, assessing the HR function can be a valuable way to determine if an organization's HR needs are being met. A formal assessment can be done by an in-company HR department, but you are likely to get more objective results if an external organization does the assessment for you.

Typically, the assessment will include interviews with each person responsible for HR duties, a review of internal policies and procedures, an audit of employee files, and a review of relevant documents such as an employee handbook or performance management forms.

A formal evaluation should determine where the HR department is doing well and where it can be improved. These areas, summarized below, are commonly considered:

1. Compliance and administration
This concerns whether the organization complies with legal obligations in areas such as file storage, sick leave, employee classification, anti-harassment/discrimination, and other legally relevant aspects. The administration function includes documenting policies and procedures, organization charts, and other organizational data.

2. Compensation and benefits
An overview of how compensation is determined, what benefits are offered and to whom (part-time or full-time), whether there has been a recent pay review, and everything else related to overall compensation for each employee.

3. Training and development
What kind of training is offered to all employees within the company? New employees? Managers? Is participation in external training programs encouraged/permitted? Is there a budget for education? Are there hard or soft skill gaps that need to be addressed?

4. Talent Acquisition
Examines the process of new employees joining the organization - how jobs are advertised inside and outside the organization, who participates in the interview process, how offers are made, and candidate tracking systems.

5. Performance Management
This area takes into account how the performance of employees is assessed and how opportunities for improvement are communicated to employees.

6. Analytics
This includes an overview of what organizational analytics are currently available and what you might need to start tracking, such as: hiring times, employee turnover, top performer identification, employee engagement, etc.

7. Staffing
The staff appraisal should include information about what each member of the HR department is responsible for, whether the department is understaffed or overstaffed, and include recommendations for changes or reorganization of positions.

8. Employee relations
This area should include an analysis of how internal communications are handled - whether there is an intranet, how often and in what form meetings are held, whether an employee engagement survey has been conducted, opportunities for employee recognition, and how the mission, vision, and values ​​of the organization impress employees.

9. Set Priorities
The assessment should include issues that need to be addressed first (usually any compliance issues) and a target timeframe for completing actions on the identified priorities.

10. External assistance
If the outside firm has completed your assessment, ask them to tell you how they can help with any actions they find or refer them to other organizations that can help. If you've passed your internal performance appraisal but don't have enough staff to handle future tasks, take the time to research firms in your area that can help you.


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