Let us determine the best solution for you based on your goals and needs. We have people development specialists around the world who can help develop your team in person or virtually. If you need something custom or ready made, we can help.
Leaders tend to prefer extraversion.
The older the leader, the more likely they are to have these preferences. Leaders also shape corporate culture. But as our work on inclusion shows, unconscious bias is a factor in everyone's behavior. Before getting trained in this area, how many leaders think about the impact of their extroversion on others? By training self-awareness, you learn to see your behavior from the point of view of others. You become aware of your biases. Other people also have prejudices, of course. Everyone does. But leaders must lead by example.

Robocontract  has been providing training in various formats for over 15 years. During this time, we have successfully trained more than 20 thousand people.

The format of corporate training can be different, our main goal is to increase the personal "capitalization" of students and, as a result, increase the capitalization of the companies in which they work.

Corporate staff training in areas

Corporate trainings… — the topic of the training and the composition of participants are determined by the company's management. As a rule, these are trainings related to the growth of communicative and managerial competencies:

  • negotiations, sales, customer service
  • management, performance management, HR
  • trainings for executives, top managers, HR managers — More details< /li>

Open programs… — we create training for the current topic and invite everyone to participate. It is often more efficient for companies to pay for the participation of several employees in an open training than to conduct it in a corporate format.
The topics of open trainings are more diverse, along with those listed earlier, these can be:

  • trainings for personal effectiveness, personal growth
  • psychological training

Training, or rather development in the form of coaching implies personal communication, when the coach, using special techniques, directs the interlocutor to identify true goals and forms the motivation to achieve them. Companies can also book a series of coaching sessions for their executives.
This category can also include  individual counseling, which is carried out in person or remotely using Skype. — More details

Webinars…  is a remote interactive form of training, which is used to conduct both open and corporate programs. The advantages of webinars are greater geographic and economic accessibility for listeners. We also record and use webinars for educational purposes, we work on iSpring, GetResponse, Zoom platforms.— More

Distance learning… online advanced training course with a certificate of the established sample, consisting of video lessons, various training materials, tasks. The advantage of this format is the ability to study at any convenient time from anywhere in the world. Training is conducted on the iSpring platform.

Business games… Business games are an effective teaching method, as it allows you to capture the attention of participants and practice skills in a game format. >— More

You can choose an existing training program and we will adapt it to your business. If you have not found a suitable one, we will develop a unique program especially for you.

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