Recruitment - Mass Recruitment with Automated Solutions

    What is a bulk set?
    Mass recruitment involves the mass hiring of people for the same position. For example, when opening a new hotel, they will need to hire 150 employees who must start work on the same day and occupy a similar position.

    Who is the bulk set for?
    Mass recruitment is suitable for any new business. Hospitality, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas are all included. Another case may be the need to expand the business in fast-growing companies.

    Companies should analyze the need for mass hiring. Based on our experience, if there is one position that requires more than 10 people, companies should engage in mass hiring, either in-house or through outsourcing. What is the recommended mass dialing method?

    How to make a bulk set?
    Using our Digital Recruitment Strategies article, start building a list of candidates. Collect them by getting a resume or, even better, create an automation in Zapier that automatically uploads candidate data to a Google spreadsheet.
    Now do as much as you can before the candidates show up. Gather as many details as you can, conduct phone interviews, screen candidates, and do a background check.
    Invite candidates to come to the presentation. This presentation should set out expectations, but more importantly, sell your company. Remember your employee's avatar? In a competitive marketplace, addressing your avatar directly (for example, Staffer promotes corporate culture, this ensures better suitability for candidates) can greatly improve recruitment performance.
    Candidates convinced that the company is right for them should sign the contract immediately after the presentation.
    What are the best sources of candidates for mass recruitment?
    Employee referrals
    As with sales, referrals are sometimes the easiest and best way to recruit in bulk. While not suitable for new companies, the power of referrals should not be underestimated. This is for both quantitative and qualitative reasons. Assuming each person has an average network of 300 people, they can multiply your reach many times over. More importantly, peer referrals usually mean candidates are more qualified as they match the skills and culture of your current pool of employees. Implement a referral reward policy + employer branding and you'll be up and running in no time.

    Job boards and job fairs
    Going back to recruiting, where are your candidates looking for work? In the case of quick recruitment, we include all leading sites such as and others in our job search.

    Professional schools, colleges and universities
    Since this is a mass recruitment, finding employees at vocational schools, colleges, and universities can help you save time, effort, and money on entry-level positions. Partnering with these institutions is a win-win.

    Social media
    Working on social media can be one of the most frustrating yet challenging jobs in front of you. Using our article on digital recruiting strategies, find out what social media your candidates are on and get started.

    Recruitment agencies
    If you don't have mass recruiting experience, you can use an independent recruitment partner to either take on some hiring tasks or a full mass recruitment campaign. Be sure to choose a reliable partner who will be able not only to provide you with many candidates, but also to select high-quality staff.

    What are the benefits of mass recruiting?
    The benefits of mass recruiting are obvious. Companies save time and money (time is money). Typically, companies will engage in bulk hiring at critical launch times. By reducing the time you spend on recruiting, it gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of building a company or project.

    What happens after a mass recruitment?
    With all these employees, it's time to think about salary. In the next couple of articles, we'll look at payroll services, employee hiring, and direct permanent employment. They all have advantages and disadvantages, but more importantly, each of them revolves around cash flow.


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