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A business game is an imitation of a working situation, in which the competencies and behaviors of employees, as well as their hidden potential, are manifested. Many companies have already fallen in love with this format, as it provides a much higher involvement of participants in the learning process than other learning methods. The goals of business games can be different, for example, recruitment, identifying and evaluating competencies, team building, developing the necessary skills, and others. Business games are an effective way to develop a team, aimed at solving specific business problems. 

Business game Need for Sales

The game is similar to the car simulator "Need for speed". At the heart of the race for the result, reward, speed, excitement.

Game metaphor:

Negotiations and sales are, by their very nature, like racing cars.

Game description

  • The game consists of several stages.
  • Each stage is limited in time, otherwise competitors will bypass you.
  • The goal of each player is to collect an encrypted code by becoming the best seller in the races.
  • To win, it is important to properly prepare for the race, plan a strategy for achieving goals, quickly respond to information coming from outside and correctly adjust your movement to external circumstances.
  • Tasks that are implemented in the game

    • development of skills for diagnosing the type of personality of the interlocutor;
    • developing skills in negotiating and selling with different types of customers;
    • developing the ability to negotiate with different types of clients;
    • strengthening in practice the skills of negotiation and sales in stages;
    • developing the ability to provide developmental feedback.

         Game Benefits

    • mobility, you can play anytime, anywhere;
    • gamification consolidates in practice the knowledge and skills acquired during the training;
    • the game has several difficulty levels, you can play from 1 hour to 4 hours;
    • adaptability for any audience.

    Simulation game "Stay Alive"

    LLC "Robocontract" offers a number of author's simulation games that will help unite participants, resolve conflict situations, increase awareness, develop management skills in a safe, exciting and interesting game environment.
    We are distinguished by the optimal ratio of "price and quality", flexibility and willingness to modify our games according to the needs of the Customer, as well as depth. After each game, group coaching is held and conclusions are drawn for working in your business reality.

    Симуляционная игра

    Leadership potential is clearly manifested in extreme situations, when it is necessary to quickly make a decision in a situation of novelty of tasks, uncertainty and time pressure.

    The game takes place indoors. Group members are divided into mini-teams in which they need to make decisions together and these teams compete with each other. Each team sits at a separate table. The team of players receives a set of materials on the game: the rules of the game, the necessary reference materials, forms, resource cards, etc. The interaction of the teams is coordinated by the leader and co-trainers.

    Legend: The plot of the game takes the participants to an extreme situation

    They find themselves in the role of travelers who made an emergency landing on an uncharted island full of dangers in the Pacific Ocean. Their goal is to get off the inhospitable island and return home. The stages of the game are accompanied by video and audio nearby, immersing the participants in an unusual atmosphere. In conditions of limited time and resources, the team that can agree, identify the leader, and effectively solve the tasks will win. Each participant has the opportunity to reveal their talents, to realize their role in the team, to learn how to cooperate in achieving the goal. Tasks in the game may vary depending on what competencies need to be assessed and developed during the game (to be agreed with the Customer). At the end of the game, each participant receives feedback from colleagues, and also analyzes the experience gained in connection with relevant business tasks. Each table is supervised by an expert evaluation coach to answer questions and at the end of the game to sum up and draw up reports and individual development plans.

    Purpose of the game: Development of managerial competencies

    In the game, you can develop and evaluate leadership, decision making, strategic and tactical thinking, project management, mentoring, motivation, effective team building, result orientation, communications, business interaction, work with information, stress tolerance.

    Duration: depends on the number of competencies chosen, from 0.5 to 2 days.

    Main stages of work:

    The lead coach immerses the participants in the game process, tells the legend, informs the goals and content of the game and the conditions of the game.

    Симуляционная игра

    1. Team replay

    The team of players receives a set of materials for the game: rules of the game, necessary reference materials, forms, resource cards, etc.
    At this stage, teams have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in working with information, strategic and tactical thinking, communication skills, the ability to hear and listen to each other, and negotiate.

    2. Distribution of roles in the team

    The manifestation of leadership competencies and strengths of the participants. Each team member chooses what he can teach others in the context of the tasks facing the group. Then he teaches others.
    After that, the trainer talks about the 5 steps of mentoring and asks the participants in the group to analyze their experience, draw appropriate conclusions.

    Распределение ролей в команде.

    3. Active actions of teams

    Each group works together to achieve the goal: plans, organizes, motivates and controls the result. In the course of work, circumstances change and participants need to quickly rebuild, thereby responding to changes.

    Активные действия команд

    4. Analytical session

    Summarizing; discussion of ways to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice; development of development plans, both group and individual; study of the level of satisfaction of participants; identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the participants through self-assessment and receiving feedback from other players.

    In December 2015, Robocontract held a game called "Stay Alive" for employees of NLMK's sales department. The number of participants is more than 100 people. We present to your attention some photos from this event.






    Action team building, revealing the potential of employees

    Heroes kids

    To clarify the details and cost, you can contact us in any way convenient for you.

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