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Psychometric testing

Psychometrics (psychometrics) is a discipline that studies the theory and methodology of psychological measurements, including the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits. Psychometrics is a branch of business psychology. First of all, this area concerns the creation of measuring tools, such as questionnaires, tests, and methods for describing (evaluating) a person.

Psychometric testing is a measurement of the psychological factors of a person. It can be used in almost any field, but the most common are tests for mental development, abilities, personality traits.

 Robocontract LLC, together with TTI Success Insights, offers you the following types of unique products in the field of psychometric testing (personnel assessment tests):

DISC testing (online)

Business team --- Image by © Stephanie Carter/ImageZoo/Corbis

unique personality type testing DISC&MOTIVATORS — this testing allows you to identify the individual characteristics of an employee’s personality type, how a person interacts with other people, how he makes decisions, how he organizes his work, how he manages subordinates, and the diagnosis of motivators shows why he behaves the way he does. — More

Testing «Trimetrix HD»


personality research in 4 areas: behavior style, motivation, insight, competence. This testing is more in-depth, because. describes the abilities, skills, experience and maturity of the candidate. — More

Testing "Emotional Intelligence"


Emotional intelligence diagnostics allows you to recognize emotions, understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people and your own, as well as the ability to manage your emotions and the emotions of other people in order to solve practical problems. — More

Other types of tests 

Amthauer's test, Raven's test, Eysenck's IQ test, CAT, Herzberg's test, Seligman's test, Belbin's test, Thomas's test, Rosenzwijk's test, etc. — More

Requirements for personnel assessment tests

Test reliability. “Reliability” refers to the relative constancy, stability, consistency of test results during initial and repeated use on the same subjects, the results are stable over time (usually at least a year).

The second key criterion for evaluating the quality of a method after reliability is validity. Test validity is a concept that tells us what the test measures and how well it does it. For example, if we are measuring leadership potential, then the test should measure leadership potential, not situational leadership knowledge.

Any diagnostic technique should be standardized. Standardization is considered in two ways: as the development of uniform requirements for the procedure of the experiment and as the definition of a single criterion for evaluating test results.

Much of the early research in psychometrics was based on the desire to measure intelligence.

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