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Software "Comprehensive personnel assessment"

With the help of this program, you can quickly assess personnel using the 360-degree method or conduct testing (professional, psychological).

This IT solution is intended for: managers and specialists of recruitment, assessment and development services, heads of specialized departments who need to conduct professional testing, external consultants and personnel assessment specialists, specialists from corporate universities.

The basic version consists of:

  • Diagnostics of personnel assessment using the 360-degree method
  • Hertzberg test
  • Amthauer test
  • Belbin test
  • Quinn and Cameron's test for assessing organizational culture
  • Staff loyalty and satisfaction questionnaire

Features of the basic version of the program:

  • Automation of the process of personnel assessment using the 360-degree method, includes several stages
  • Conducting tests provided in the basic version of the product

Additional features:

  • This system is flexible and customizable, so it can be integrated into the company's existing HR system
  • It can also serve as a basis for creating e-learning systems.
  • The testing system developed in this version is universal, which allows, if necessary, to conduct professional (highly specialized) testing


  • Adaptation to specific tasksавтоматизированная система оценки персонала
  • Integration with various existing HR systems
  • Ease of handling
  • The presence of a voice instruction that sets up and motivates the participants of the assessment
  • Methodical part. The basic version contains a library of competencies and a meaningful part of testing
  • Low cost


The first option: as an Internet service. Ideal for a one-time assessment or testing of personnel. Temporary access to the ABM server, a complete user manual, a one-time consultation when setting up the system are provided.

The second option: the distribution kit of the program. The program is installed on the server/computer of the Customer. Help set up for one assessment or one test. You can use all the additional features of the program.

Technical requirements:

  1. When buying an Internet service, it is enough to use an office computer with MS Internet Explorer, speakers or headphones to listen to the audio instructions
  2. When buying a "boxed" version (distribution kit), as a platform for software installation, you can use both a regular office computer (for small companies) and an existing server running MS Windows Server (for medium and large companies)

The cost of the basic and personal versions is discussed individually.

In case of your interest, we will be happy to meet with you and tell you about us, our capabilities, experience and how we can be useful to you, tell you about the experience of events held, and show customer reviews.

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