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Robocontract LLC in the direction of testing to measure the level of intelligence development (personality assessment) can also recommend the following types of tests:

Typology of personality according to the DISC model

тестирование disc

The DiSC Classic program is based on a four-part model that describes four types of human behavior: Dominance (D), Influence (i), Stability (S), and Conscientiousness (C). In some people only one type appears, in others two, and in some even three types. Understanding the typological profile of a person allows us to draw conclusions about what a person’s potential is, how he will be inclined to solve certain tasks, what are the risks when appointing this person to a particular position, how best to motivate and develop him to achieve the desired result in the field communications, management, team building. Read more…

Amthauer test (identifying the level of intelligence and ability to develop)

Test Structure

Intelligence test. Designed to measure the level of intellectual development of persons aged 13 to 61 years. The test consists of 50 questions and is completed within 30 minutes.

IST consists of seven subtests (in the version included in the Comprehensive Personnel Assessment program), each of which is aimed at measuring different functions of intelligence

I. Logical selection (LS) - the study of inductive thinking, language sense.

II. Definition of common features (GE) - the study of the ability to abstract, operate with verbal concepts.

III. Analogies (AN) - analysis of combinatorial abilities.

IV. Classification (KL) - assessment of the ability to make a judgment.

V. Counting tasks (RA) - assessment of the level of development of practical mathematical thinking.

VI. Series of numbers (ZR) - analysis of inductive thinking, the ability to operate with numbers.

VII. Shape selection (FS) - the study of spatial imagination, combinatorial abilities.

Raven test

The technique is designed to study the logic of thinking, most often used to evaluate specialists whose work requires logic.

The test consists of 60 tables (5 series). Each series of tables contains tasks of increasing difficulty. At the same time, the complexity of the type of tasks from series to series is also characteristic.

Series A uses the principle of establishing relationships in the structure of matrices.

Series B - built on the principle of analogy between pairs of figures.

Series C - built on the principle of progressive changes in the figures of the matrices.

Series B - built on the principle of regrouping figures in the matrix.

Series E is based on the principle of decomposing the figures of the main image into elements. Missing figures can be found by understanding the principle of analysis and synthesis of figures.

Eysenck's IQ test

Used to evaluate managers.

Eysenck test (IQ - intelligence quotient) - a quantitative assessment of the level of human intelligence: the level of intelligence relative to the level of intelligence of an average person of the same age. IQ tests are designed to assess mental abilities (the ability to think and make decisions). There are 8 variants of this test. Classic Eysenck IQ test of 40 questions. This IQ test is by far the most accurate. In any case, it is performed for a period of 30 minutes.

Short orientation test (COT) - Shmelev's version

Determination of the integral indicator of general abilities. It is used in the formation of a personnel reserve, evaluation of employees working in the financial sector. Estimates the speed of solving problems per unit of time. 50 questions to be answered within 15 minutes.

Further, in psychometric methods, they began to evaluate trends in personality behavior and motivation.

Hertzberg test

To determine the structure of human motivation, its leading needs. The Herzberg test allows you to highlight the prevailing factors of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Its results can be superimposed on the desired motivational profile and draw conclusions about how a person fits a certain position. The Herzberg test allows you to identify in which direction the company's management needs to work in order to remove demotivating factors in the work of employees.

According to the theory of Frederick Herzberg, labor motivation is based on two groups of factors: hygiene factors and motivation factors. He called them hygiene factors and motivational factors. The test consists of 28 statements that must be compared with each other. The test is not running on time. Approximate run time 20 minutes.

Test to identify motivation to achieve / or avoid failure

It is widely used to assess the achievement motivation competency. This competence is necessary for salespeople, managers, those who are allocated to the personnel reserve. There are 41 questions in the test, it is performed in a free order in time for about 20 minutes.

Seligman test

Used to identify positive thinking. This competency is essential for those who work with people and is an integral part of the "customer focus" competency. There are 48 statements in the Seligman test that need to be ranked using the comparison method. There is no time limit to complete the test. But usually it is 30 minutes.

Rosenzwijk test

The technique is intended to study reactions to failure and ways out of situations that impede activity or satisfaction of the needs of the individual. It is used to assess the competence "stress resistance".

Frustration is a state of tension, frustration, anxiety caused by dissatisfaction of needs, objectively insurmountable (or subjectively so understood) difficulties, obstacles on the way to an important goal.

The technique consists of 24 schematic contour drawings, which depict two or more people engaged in an unfinished conversation. The situations depicted in the figures can be divided into two main groups. obstacle situations. In these cases, some obstacle, character or object discourages, confuses in a word or in some other way. This includes 16 situations.

Accusation situations. The subject thus serves as object of accusation. There are 8 such situations.

Belbin test

This testing is to identify the team role (roles) of the employee. In total, according to Belbin's classification, there are eight such roles: chairman / coordinator, shaper, guru, controller / appraiser, implementer, resource explorer, performer, team player. The test is widely used to form a project team. The test consists of 8 groups of statements of 10 statements that need to be ranked. Estimated time to complete the test is 20 minutes.

Thomas test

The test is used to identify the style of behavior in a conflict situation. Used to assess the competencies "leadership" and "communications". It is useful to conduct this test for those who work with people. There are 30 groups of statements in the Thomas test that need to be evaluated using the method of paired comparisons. Estimated time to complete the test is 30 minutes.

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