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Assessment Center

Assessment Center or Assessment Center (Assessment Center, Assessment Center) is a conglomeration of methods for a comprehensive assessment of personnel for specific customer tasks based on certain criteria (competencies). The Assessment Center is designed primarily to identify the potential of an employee.

The Assessment Center will allow solving the following tasks with an accuracy of 87%:

  1. Selection of the best candidate for a vacant position
  2. Identifying the potential of an employee/candidate
  3. Formation of a personnel reserve
  4. Drawing up individual development programs and corporate training programs for personnel

Competences are a set of knowledge, skills, personal qualities and motives, described in the language of observed work behavior.
There are professional, managerial and corporate, and personal competencies.

Professional competencies are the requirements for the professional behavior of an employee, described in behavioral indicators. Professional behavior develops if the initial level of these competencies is not lower than acceptable.

Management competencies are the requirements for company leaders described in behavioral indicators. Develop if the initial level of these competencies is not lower than acceptable.

Corporate competencies are the company's values ​​for all employees, described in the language of observable behavior. Developed with the help of a system of requirements and regular assessment of the fulfillment of these requirements.

Personal competencies are the individual characteristics of a person's personality, manifested in behavior. Most often they do not develop within the corporate business (they are usually used in hiring, as well as for the formation of talent management programs).

The competency model is a description of behavioral indicators by levels of manifestation according to the scale adopted by the Company.

A competency system is several competency models combined into a single system of requirements for the company's personnel. The competency framework should not contain more than 9 competencies in total.

Какие модели необходимо разрабатывать в вашей компании зависит жизненного цикла компании, а главное от целей оценки.

Ниже представлен пример описания одной компетенции:

Leadership is the ability to make people want to follow you

  1. Takes responsibility for team performance
  2. Sets the rules and organizes the work of the group
  3. Uses information about the individual characteristics of employees when setting tasks and delegating authority
  4. Pays attention and time to the development of employees
  5. Helps resolve conflict

Stages of development and implementation of the Assessment Center

1. Development of a competency model

In order to conduct an assessment using this technology, it is necessary to first select competencies and develop a competency model.

Different models are used depending on the purpose of the assessment. If we want to assess the managerial potential of an employee, then we need to build a managerial competency model. If we need to evaluate an ordinary employee for compliance with the position and develop recommendations for professional development, then we need to develop a professional model. If you need to solve two problems at once, then you need to develop a system consisting of professional and managerial competencies.

The corporate model is used when a company builds a proactive personnel policy, systematically approaches the assessment, development and career advancement of employees in the Company. In this case, there is a common set of competencies for all employees in the company, and the level of requirements for these competencies depends on the level of hierarchy in the organizational structure.

Competencies can be selected from the “competence library”, or you can conduct a focus group with internal experts.

First, a large number of useful competencies are selected, then, using the method of paired comparisons, several of the most important for achieving goals (professional, managerial, or corporate, aimed at realizing the Company's mission) are left.

An example of a managerial competency model:

  1. Leadership
  2. Cooperation
  3. Motivation to achieve
  4. Ability to develop
  5. Making decisions

The competency model is a description of competencies by levels of manifestation according to the selected scale.

The scales describe from 4 to 9 levels.

Below is an example of a 5-level scale:

0 - level of incompetence, describes unacceptable behavior.
1 - the level of limited competence, describes the behavior in which the employee can be effective only within the framework of the template.
2 - basic level, describes the desired behavior within the competence in standard situations.
3 - skill level, describes the behavior of an employee in non-standard situations of increased complexity, requirements for mentors.
4 – strategic level, describes long-term behavior, actions in the interests of the Company as a whole.

An example of a description of competencies by levels of manifestation according to the chosen scale in the language of behavioral indicators

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