Meaning of anger

Is anger an energy that always changes shape but never dissipates, or is it part of our repertoire of desires, the cry of an unsatisfied need?


It is a powerful, liberating therapy that allows you to (literally) change your perspective on who you are and who you could be.

Mind does not exist

The terms "mind" and "mental" are confusing, harmful, and distracting. We must get rid of them

Global openness

Deep brain stimulation not only treats mental illness, but also changes the person as a whole, increasing confidence and openness.

Radical Acceptance

Painful feelings that you avoid are distorted in the dark. Faced with your sorrows and struggles you can get your life back

Rewiring your life

Radical eye movement therapy can desensitize painful memories, heal wounds, and aid transformation at incredible speeds.

Seed of suffering

The P-factor is the dark matter of psychiatry: an invisible unifying force that can underlie many mental disorders.


Why, with so little evidence of effectiveness and such high stakes, is electroconvulsive therapy still the mainstay of psychiatry?

Game medicine

In a clinical setting, play activities are not distracting; they lead patients deep into trauma - and on the other hand

Deluded, with reason

Unusual beliefs do not arise from scratch. They are rooted in the mind, faced with an unusual and traumatic experience.


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